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into positive beginnings.

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We simplify the connection between people and the law.

You want us to know the law, and understand you too.

You want us to be experienced in conflict, and help to control it.

You want an impactful legal strategy, and achieve results.

You want an outcome that positively impacts every area of your life, now and into the future.

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The rules we live by

The Resolve Way

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How we help the Resolve Roadmap

A clear and supportive pathway to resolution.

We use this Roadmap to guide you through a staged process, designed to prepare and support you to achieve your best outcome.

Each stage is custom made to meet your specific needs based on the strategic goals we have helped you set.

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Negotiate mindfully to help you each achieve what you want.
Do that either together as a couple or individually supported.
Design a settlement that lasts and one you won’t regret.

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Achieve success in court by developing a strong plan and executing a laser focused strategy.
Stay informed, be prepared and supported.
Navigate the complex legal process strategically for best outcomes.

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Why choose us?

  1. We are experts in conflict. We do the tough stuff.
  2. We are laser focused on family law and have the most Accredited Family Law Specialists in all of South Australia. We are at the top of our game.
  3. We nurture a trusted network of support to connect you to professionals you need at the right time.
  4. We are the only lawyers in South Australia also qualified as Divorce Coaches, from the leading academy in the USA. We understand people in crisis.
  5. We personalise and simplify the process by blending legal strategy with emotional wisdom.

Case Studies

Thousands of people have trusted us and are now living their best life. Read some of their stories here.

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We have been recognized by our peers, top legal industry bodies and business excellence programs as leaders in our field.

We win awards because we know how to influence the community to create positive change.

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Our Mission

We will reshape family law for the better. We will provide expert legal advice and emotional solutions, by streamlining our clients journey, and practicing the law with integrity. This will positively transform every client’s experience, by doing this we are lessening the impact of separation on families now and into the future


  • When my marriage ended, I had views on how I wanted the future to work. I wanted a modern divorce, an amicable divorce that focused on both of us moving on but first and foremost minimising any trauma for our beautiful children. I was delighted to find Resolve who specialise in just that.
  • As a society we have done divorce so poorly in the past! I feel so strongly that it is time to change that. Three years on and my family are all happy and thriving and I will always be grateful to the Resolve team.

  • The aftercare I received from the Resolve team was life changing. The Seminars, the social events, they helped me connect with others going through divorce and I didn’t feel alone.