Changing the social stigma around divorce, impacting the community for more positive divorce outcomes and growing in influence and reach. (aka kicking goals)

It’s December again and it is a time to reflect on what has been, just for a moment, before we get excited about the future.

The other day we sat down with a judge of a recent awards event we won and he gave us some feedback about our application. I left with a huge feeling of gratitude, satisfaction and most of all humble appreciation that all the hours of hard work, sleepless nights, worry and stress and long phone conversations were actually working.

In a sum up, we have rebranded, implemented the most cutting edge technology for the most client centric customer experience we can, introduced new ways of practice and emotionally supportive solutions for clients, upgraded and improved our business systems for efficiency, worked solidly to upskill our already talented team to become better lawyers, trained and onboarded three times as many employees as ever, found incredible mentors to support our own learning journeys, expanded our networks, travelled internationally to keep our learning up to date, entered and won awards, and so much more..

But we have matched our business excellence with a true impact and influence on our community. That’s the real goal and the real success!

I left traditional legal practice to shake up the typical ways divorce plays out and reduce the negative impact on families and the broader community. 

I am feeling successful because people are noticing, families are benefiting, our clients are transformed after their journey with us, our referrers are proud of what we are doing for their clients and most of all, the community is starting to shift in its perception of divorce.

Now, most importantly for me, I have introduced Chanel Martin as a partner to the firm.

Not only now do I have such a close friend and mentor joining me on my journey, what this means for Resolve, is that we are growing so much stronger, more powerful and more influential with every move.

We are so proud that only 20% of our cases end up in court, with the remainder of our matters being negotiated around the table or in a cooperative, more amicable space.  But staying out of court is only one part of the solution. 

We support our clients to achieve legal outcomes that have a positive impact on their lives, both financially and personally.  It is our goal to change the stigma and we are doing that. That’s pretty cool.

We introduced a new brand, a new ethos and a new roadmap this year. It is more than just a method of resolving disputes, it is an approach to transform and achieve life goals.  

We do this by bringing together legal and emotional support throughout the divorce journey, into one.  

In that way, they achieve their best outcome. 

We also articulated our Resolve way. Our ethos and our way of being. It means we have consistency in our practice and the way we support our clients to thrive.

Let’t talk more about that next year. I will explain it all then.

For now, let’s focus on some downtime and enjoy the festive fun and sun.

Thank you all for the influence you have had on the success of Resolve this year, we appreciate your support.

Article written by Rose Cocchiaro, Founder Resolve Divorce
This article was written by Rose Cocchiaro, Founder Resolve Divorce