Are you recently separated or thinking about separation? If so, you’ve probably considered whether engaging a lawyer to help you through this process is the right way to go. You might be worried about what the involvement of lawyers could mean in your situation. Well, you’re not alone. But if you’re considering taking that first step and meeting with a lawyer, the following tips may assist you through the first interview process.

1Our role is to support and guide you to your best outcome!

Here at Resolve, we strongly believe that it is our role to guide you to your best outcome. We are here to advise you about the law, guide you through steps of negotiation, support you emotionally, and carefully manage the process for you until its rightful conclusion, which sees you achieving outcomes that are right for you.

We offer sensible, out of court solutions, to help you get a satisfying result all the while maintaining respectful communication and civil relationships. It is always our intention to avoid the court room! So, in your first interview, we’ll ask a lot of questions about your situation to find a pathway that best suits you and your family’s needs.

We understand the decision to seek legal advice is not one that is made lightly so we make sure you are supported from the minute you step into our offices. It is our aim to make the process smooth and successful, not stressful.

2Your Air Time

The first interview is an opportunity for you to give us a clear understanding of the situation you’re in, what you would like to get out of it, and the best way we can help you do this. We will intently listen, guide the conversation and support you to tell your story in a way that works for you. It’s all about your air time!

Be sure to bring along as many facts, documents and other pieces of information that will help us get an idea of the issues we need to tackle together. Things like timelines of events are helpful, or snapshots of you and your partner’s finances. Anything you think will be useful to show us the current position you find yourself in.

3. What We Might Ask You

The biggest thing we are looking to achieve is to understand what matters most to you, what you are most worried about (both short term and long term) and then talk through ways that we might support you to achieve your goals best for you.

The sorts of questions you can expect will centre around your relationship history – how long you have been together, whether there are children of the relationship, the care arrangements in place for them, whether there are assets/liabilities of the relationship, and mainly, what can we do to get you the most satisfying result possible under the law.

4. Questions for Us

Remember that the first interview is an opportunity for you to get your story across and clarify any issues you might be unsure of. Feel free to ask questions about the steps needed to resolve the scenario you find yourself in, how long it will take to get a result, how much it might cost, and what your other options might be. Our team of highly experienced solicitors can field any questions you might have.

For a free 15 minute legal consultation, or to book in a first interview with us, email or call us on (08) 7228 6110.