You may have all recently heard that we have been named as state finalists in the emerging and energised category of the Telstra Business awards. (How could you not, we have posted it everywhere). With the awards night pending, and regardless of the outcome, I wanted to reflect here for a moment about what this all means for us and why making an influence on society is what drives us to do what we do at Resolve, and to do it so well!

I was recently in New York City standing on Wall street, looking at the defiant girl standing up to the charging bull. When I stood there imitating her pose and staring down the face of the bull, it hit me, that in many ways, what we are doing to the concept of divorce is what the girl is doing to the bull.

We are disrupting the legal industry to inspire a change to the traditional way family law matters are negotiated to reduce the impact it is having on couples and families.

We are having an influence and we are advocating for what we believe in and that is truly exciting!

This is not the first time I have done this in my career. Early on, I was never very good at following the rules that lawyers had set for them. I certainly didn’t subscribe to the look of the plain black suit, skirt, sensible shoes, stockings and hair back. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t do sensible shoes, not ever. Conversely and maybe intentionally to prove the point, I’ve always proudly worn lipstick and stilettos despite the challenges that that provoked early on in my career.

In a lot of ways this view may have something to do with my “why” and the “why” behind the creation of Resolve.

I am the third generation of a migrant family, who came to Australia as a land of opportunity and enjoying all that the sacrifices that my parents and their parents have allowed for me. I have a sense of commitment, a sense of pride and a sense of obligation to use the opportunities and privileges bestowed on me to my fullest advantage

With that background of endurance and unconditional support, I have been free to take a leap of faith knowing I will always have a safe landing. That means, I can take risks without fear of failure and I am empowered to be free, independent, outspoken and defiant when it comes to what I believe in. But that also comes with a strong feeling of obligation toward making a difference in society.

Advocating for better outcomes, fairness and justice fits perfectly with my values and doing so in a way that keeps families together, not apart, is how it fits with my story.

We are outcome focused divorce lawyers. We are challenging the legal industry to create a change in the way family law matters are handled in our society to reduce the negative impact of divorce on them.

We also believe in making changes after divorce in a positive way for your future wellbeing, health and happiness.

I come from a family of doctors (I broke the mould when I went into law). I know and understand the importance of good health and wellbeing. I also believe in looking good to help you feel good, which in turn gives you confidence to do what you want to do without any reservations. With that then, I help my clients through their journey to reach and obtain happier overall outcomes and look forward to the future rather than living in the past.

Being acknowledged by the Telstra business awards is making us even more determined than ever, to continue to disrupt the industry for a positive change.

We are fixing a social problem, one family at a time, and this recognition only makes our drive stronger.

This post was written by our founder, Rose Cocchiaro, a few days before the awards…