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We help you have the tough conversations, so you can focus on your relationship.
We help you negotiate with empathy and work with you and your spouse to think creatively about what will happen with your assets if you separate.
We help you create binding documents to give you certainty for the future.

It’s all in the careful and considerate way you approach the delicate conversation.

It is all about how you communicate and share what is important to you and why.
It is about getting your partner to understand that you are not uncertain about the relationship, but you care enough to help protect it from failing.
It is about getting your partner to see the positive impact it could have on the relationship, not the negative.

That’s where we can help.

You can plan as much or as little as you want.
You decide how to spend, what to save, where to put future earnings, how to hold future assets and you control what is happening with your money. Don’t leave it up to the uncertain law in the uncertain future.

It’s not unromantic. Careful planning leads to a strong and secure relationship.