Being a family lawyer for almost 20 years and seeing the evolution of my clients from the time I meet them at separation, to the time their matter is settled, has always moved me. It’s been part of the reason I have stayed committed to the practice of family law and why I started Resolve Divorce. If we can create a place where lawyers are more accountable to the role they play and where clients can be wholly supported emotionally and legally, during their time of crisis, then we will reduce the negative impact of divorce on the overall community.

Launching our newest program, Evolve, has been an exciting time for the whole team at Resolve. We are now staying true to our promise to help separated people achieve better divorce outcomes.

The program aims to support our clients’ transition to single life by giving them a community to be part of and opportunities to normalise their experiences, feel supported and grow into a better version of themselves following separation.

Together, they will share and relate to eachothers stories, connect in social settings, learn about ways to invest and manage cash flow, manage their health and wellbeing or just have some fun in a non judgemental environment where everyone comes together for the same purpose; to learn, connect and grow.

We call it Evolve. It is our way to give back to our clients. In this way, we are continuing to have influence on our community, to help people believe that divorce can hurt less.

Just another way we can help… Rose