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Connect, learn and grow. After separation.

We know that your divorce journey is about your own rediscovery.

We want to help you to reassess the environment in which you live, work and play, and identify those areas of your life that deserve attention, build on your strengths and develop balance of the things that are important to you.


We will do things like

  1. Give you opportunities to engage with people in a social setting.
  2. Be part of a support group.
  3. Learn how to be single and discover more about what makes you happy.

Why we think you will love it

  1. The best way we can support you is to give you a community in which you can thrive.
  2. You can share in the stories of other people who have gone down the same journey and give and receive support.
  3. You will hear from our network partners about the things that you might need to be thinking about now that life is different and learn invaluable insights and tools about life moving forward.
  4. Together, you can build on your strengths, rediscover your purpose, make sure you are maintaining your health and wellbeing, and most of all, are supported by people who intimately understand where you have been.
  5. You will engage, learn, support and be supported.