How we support you: Divorce coach/ Strategist

How we support you: Divorce coach/ Strategist

At Resolve Divorce we recognise that having a team to support you during this time is extremely valuable. To reach your best legal and emotional outcome you need to preserve your overall wellbeing and encourage your own personal growth throughout the divorce process. Our founder Rose, has recently received accreditation as a certified divorce coach through the CDC Institute in USA and swears by the benefits of this kind of support!

This is why we encourage all of our clients to meet with a divorce strategist who can act as your accountability partner and who can support, motivate and guide you through divorce to help you make the best possible decisions for your future, based on your particular interests, needs and concerns.

He/she is also a thinking partner and sounding board to help you carefully consider options, make difficult decisions, be an effective communicator, define your needs and goals and most importantly maintain/improve the relationship with your children and family and other important people you need throughout the process.

A strategist can be involved at any stage of the process and do the following:

• Help you self-discover the best options for you;

• Assist you to design a checklist for good parenting decisions;

• Consider best ways to communicate with your spouse;

• Discuss ways to communicate with your children at different stages of the process;

• Understand how relationships change

• Learn how to manage grief

• Avoid the pitfalls of decision making;

• Help you avoid making the “biggest mistakes in divorce”;

• Give you tools to assist you deal with conflict and how to recognize what hooks you and how to focus forward;

• Help you understand why people have bad reactions in divorce and how to avoid them;

• Work with you to gain clarity and confidence about your future.

• Work with you through your emotions and assist you to work through those emotional barriers and road blocks in a safe way, referring you to therapeutic support as necessary.

• Learn what acceptance is and what it enables us to attain

• Discover a pathway for the separation

• Learn to be “single”

• Face the prospect of a new relationship

• Learn skills to build and maintain sustaining relationships

• Prepare you to meet with financial planners to prepare you for forward planning;

• Understand the different divorce processes and help you make a decision about the best process for you;

• Help get you organized for the business of divorce to assist you to become a credible client

• Help you effectuate the settlement;

A strategist is your ally and the person to guide you through the divorce process and assist your lawyer to navigate the complexities of the legal and emotional landscape at each stage.

I truly believe in the benefits of this support and look forward to helping you access your support person during this journey with us.

Rose Cocchiaro, Certified Divorce coach and Founder

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