I have a story to tell.

This story starts with Matilda a 16 year old child who is now living on the streets with a drug addiction, after her parents battled it out in court fighting over her for the last 3 years. Then, there is Sam, a guy who gassed himself in his car the day after the court ruled that he couldn’t spend time with his children again. Not to mention Sally who will never spend time with her loving father Joe because of sexual abuse allegations made by her mother toward him that were never proven, or Maria, who, at the end of her divorce property settlement, paid all of the money she received to her lawyers.

I get goosebumps when I say this, but I have just described my career “highlights” before I started Resolve. And the hardest part in all of that was that I enabled that conflict, I was part of that tragedy and they all blamed me. You see, that was (and still is) the practice of family law in it’s traditional form.

You may understand then, that I had a calling to change the way people experienced relationship breakdown and create a better future for my clients, their children and for the whole community. I knew I could do it better and I knew I could start a social change.

With young babies at home, I left a securely paid job to start Resolve, because I was determined to make things right. It was a compulsion and I had a calling.

The names of “post” Resolve clients is ever increasing. Those stories are of people and children who are thriving, whose families have navigated their separation journey in a way that has positively shaped their future. These children will go on to lead normal lives with healthy relationships, because they saw their parents respectfully navigate their separation, caring about the long term effects that a negative experience would have on them. Their parents navigated their relationship breakdown, led by lawyers who acted with integrity, to keep them true to their values and on track to success.

My vision for it and my team delivering it, can’t change the world, but we can be the guider and supporter of our clients, to encourage them to have insight into their behaviour, support them to control the conflict, minimise the dispute, learn and grow through the process and stay laser focused on an outcome with positivity and optimism. In doing that, we will have less of those stories to tell and more of the positive ones that we now hear everyday.

Our mission is to impact families of the future. We are doing that, one family at a time.