The founding partner of all-female law firm Resolve Divorce is described as “a true innovator and thought leader in the family law space”.

The passionate legal eagle and certified divorce coach says she felt compelled to create the unique Adelaide offering a decade ago “to right the wrongs she witnessed from years of litigation”.

“I felt resolved to start a business that brought about more equality, fairness and justice to the family law system,” she says.

“I’ve never been comfortable with common practice; like other challenging milestones in life, divorce is a crucial time where individuals need nurturing, support and positive guidance to move forward in a resolute way, with their wellbeing intact.

“I wanted to provide a resolution-focused approach to divorce that nurtures the overall wellbeing and personal growth of people and their families.”

Last year her firm was named Boutique Firm of the Year at the Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards while the leading lawyer has been named “thought leader of the year” in the Women in Law Awards.

Also in 2023, the fierce advocate for women launched a networking and learning initiative aimed to bring together the state’s “kick-arse, hardworking and career-driven women”.

“Everyone in business has the same challenges, so it’s nice to find that commonality and camaraderie across different industries,” she says.

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