Founder of Resolve, Rose Cocchiaro, provided Body and Soul with insight into how to have a ‘healthy divorce’. With the number of divorces only rising, it’s more critical than ever to aim for your divorce to be as healthy as possible. It’s not just the celebs with oodles of cash and resources that this option is available to.

The first step to a healthy divorce is controlling conflict, meaning it’s available to anyone going through this process. Even though “there will always be some conflict during a divorce” the difference between those that get ugly is when people “lose focus” and allow their behaviour to become “influenced by unregulated emotions”.

One way to combat this is to be “outcome focused and concentrate on what actually matters”. A Certified Divorce Coach is an ideal way to achieve this. Both of Resolves Partners, Rose and Chanel, hold this qualification. Meaning they have the ability to guide their clients through their divorces with a focus on the emotional impact of their legal decisions. They also recognise when their clients’ behaviour may not be an accurate reflection of how they wish to conduct themselves and can help them avoid future regrets. As a Divorce Coach, our solicitors not only offer expert legal advice, but ensure that at the end of their divorce journey our clients are able to thrive into the next stage of their life.

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