Knowing your rights through a separation – with Resolve Divorce


Rose is a passionate Family lawyer dedicated to helping her clients navigate their legal situations with empathy and expertise. Listen to this episode where hosts Rach and Jess deep dive into legal issues faced by mothers throughout separation, and here Rose’s insights which will empower you through information.

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‘Responsible lawyering’ and finding better modes of practice


Resolve Divorce, as Boutique Firm of the Year, sets the example of litigators doing things differently, and focusing on the client experiences, all in all to provide outcomes that are positive transformations.


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Overcoming the ‘golfing lawyer’ mindset


If Australia’s legal profession is to meaningfully progress in the new normal, Rose Cocchiaro believes “egocentric, outdated” modes of legal practice have to be left by the wayside.

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Turning family law on its head to create a process for self-discovery and personal growth with Rose Cocchiaro, Resolve Divorce (ep 46)


In this interview, Rose and I talk about the approach her firm takes to family law – she calls it the Resolve Way – and it’s a refreshingly forward-thinking and very human approach. Rose encourages her clients to focus less on what happened in the past and more on what the future holds for them.

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The Collaborator – Rose Cocchiaro – Resolve Divorce


Rose talks about how growing up in a family of doctors taught her the importance of hard work and established a desire to help others. She discusses being challenged by the traditional legal models, creating the desire to establish Resolve Divorce, and the importance of branding, finding your niche and referral relationships.

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#23a – Prenups, Money in Relationships & Divorce with Rose Cocchiaro (Part 1)


Today my guest is Rose Cocchiaro who is a family law and divorce specialist. Rose is the founder of Resolve Divorce. After witnessing years of painful courtroom litigation she sought to provide a resolution focussed approach that nurtures the well being and personal growth of people and their families.

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