To all Resolve clients

As more is now becoming known about the prevalence of coronavirus in Australia, we want to reassure you that here at Resolve, we have taken action to ensure that you and your family are safe and that we continue to serve you with the highest standards while we do our part to slow the community spread of the virus.

Because we are a modern family law firm, we are up to date with all the latest technologies available to operate our business. We are fully operational as a paperless and digital office. This means we can react quickly and seamlessly while continuing to give you the highest level of service, just by making some slight adaptations.

Rest assured that we are able to and ready to work from anywhere so that we can continue to provide you the service you expect from us, no matter what!

So, unlike other organisations that might let this turn them into a tizz, it’s business as usual here at Resolve.

We have however, implemented some important changes to be mindful of.

The staff are now working from home. As such, we will now be inviting you to meet with us digitally for any meetings with us, mediations, collaborations or round table meetings. We are happy to use any communication you are comfortable with including teams, skype, facetime, zoom etc. Please let us know which communication technology you prefer and we will make sure it is used. Our preference is Teams by Microsoft. All you need is internet access to get it started.

We do however recognise that given the nature of your circumstances it may be difficult for you to find a private area to communicate with us. If that is the case and you are worried about your safety or simply have no other way of gaining privacy, we are happy to offer you to come into our office and we will see you on the screen. That means we will welcome you into the office from the boardroom TV which faces the entry door. You will be guided to sit down and we will act as normal throughout the interview. A staff member will be present in another room to assist you if you need it, however, whilst maintaining social distancing measures.

As for court hearings, the court has mandated various restrictions on us about attendances. These are being updated regularly. We will act in accordance with those restrictions.

We will continue to monitor things regularly and we may change our minds about what we do and do not do.

For now, we trust that you feel comfort in knowing we are taking this situation seriously, for our safety and yours.

Please rest assured, the level of service we provide will continue to be exceptional; we are not compromising our values, we are just adapting our delivery.

Rose Cocchiaro,

Founder, Resolve Divorce

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