Time to split?

Thinking it’s time to split? Deciding to separate from your partner is difficult for most people. Often you find yourself in situations where you have given it everything, even tried counselling, but things still aren’t […]
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Happiness in divorce? Think through the triangle.

Imagine sitting pretty at the top of the triangle, when all of a sudden your life comes crashing down at the brink of a separation. The foundation of your needs have become challenged and you are now starting […]
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Not seeing your kids at Easter? Here are four ways to be better prepared for next year

On special occasions, such as Easter, some families who have recently experienced a separation or relationship breakdown might be facing a complicated predicament – “which parent has the children over the Easter/school holiday period”.  This […]
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Resolving your dispute: what will it look like?

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt as family lawyers it’s this – every separation is different.  This applies not only to the end result, but the journey that you take in order to achieve the […]
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Anyone dreading the holidays?

Christmas holiday time is a great time of year to unwind, and spend some quality time with your family; a time to share happy memories and good times. However, what is meant to be fun […]
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Welcome to the first official post of Resolve Divorce Lawyers. Our blog has been developed to bring relevant and up to date information, knowledge, support, education and entertainment to you throughout your divorce experience. We will share […]
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