Resolve together is our online platform for couples who have agreed on all the details and just want the paperwork done. You receive legally binding orders finalising your financial or parenting agreements, fast (48 hour turn around) at a fixed fee! 

Resolve together is an easy way for couples to legally finalise their financial and parenting arrangements following their separation.

Our customised application process has been designed for maximum efficiency to produce all of your legal documentation via a simple step by step process on a fixed fee basis.

It is tailored specifically for couples who have agreed on the terms of their separation. This includes financial property division and /or parenting care arrangements following their separation.

The Resolve together process

is made up of 4 easy steps

1. A 15 minute FREE Phone, Skype, Zoom or Facetime consult with a lawyer

To start this off, you will have a free meeting with one of our lawyers who will talk you through the process and review your needs. We will ensure there is nothing missed and follow up anything that you may not have considered to ensure you have everything in place to protect you now and into the future.

2. Application form for your completion

We will next send you a form which will help us confirm and understand the fundamentals of your agreement and provide us with all the necessary information and personal details to finalise your paperwork legally.

3. Finalised documents for your review & our advice to you within 48 hours of us receiving your completed application form.

The finalised documents will be sent to you for review together with a customised letter of advice and a letter for your spouse with the agreement. It will also include a letter to the superannuation fund (if necessary) with details of the proposed split.

4. Signed documents submitted to the court and advice to you about how to finalise the deal.

Once signed, we arrange the filing the documents for you and the necessary communication with the superannuation fund and your spouse. You will receive a letter from us with instructions on how to give effect to the agreement to make sure you comply with its terms and to give you piece of mind that the deal is done. We can also assist you with the divorce application process if that is applicable to you. See our Divorce Bar page for more information.


What do you get when you use Resolve Together?


  • You will receive an Application for Consent Orders and a Minute of order, which are then filed and sealed by the Court.
  • You achieve an outcome that has a binding and enforceable effect.
  • You achieve certainty around your financial arrangements.
  • You are able to split superannuation between you.
  • You are eligible to save on stamp duty.


1. A simple, online solution, all done in 48 hours.

2. Your future assets and parenting arrangements are legally protected.

3. You receive quality legal advice and support at a fraction of the cost.

4. You save money and worry with fixed fees and you save time with our online services.

5. You keep your relationship with your spouse amicable.

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