Supporting your financial, emotional and lifestyle rediscovery.

Resolve Wellbeing is our unique program supporting your transition across financial, emotional, health and lifestyle areas.

At Resolve we know the emotional and life changing impact that a divorce can have on you and your family. We aim to lessen the impact, so your outcome is more balanced.

We will get you prepared, set goals with you and make sure those goals fit with your legal advice to achieve your best outcome.

Together, we will develop a wellbeing plan that identifies your main goals across financial, emotional, health or lifestyle areas and puts them into action.

You will be supported to work with our network of partners that are most qualified to suit your circumstances such as:

Relationship therapists

Couples counsellors and specialist psychologists


Financial Planners

Mortgage Brokers

Real Estate Agents

Commercial Lawyers

Health Professionals

You will have learning opportunities, downloadable videos and workbooks to take in and absorb in your own time. To keep you accountable to your goals, you will have regular pulse checks with us. Once you have your outcome, we will work with you to develop a “what’s next” plan and invite you to join our exclusive alumni program, Evolve.

1. Get prepared

During your first meeting with us, the process will be explained, your needs examined by our legal team and you will be supported about how to prepare for your journey.

2. Set goals

Our consultant will then work with you to identify:

  • Your goals, objectives, and priorities
  • Where you are in your journey
  • Who you may need to help you get there.

3. Watch

You will be given access to downloadable videos and workbooks to help.

4. Unlimited access

You will have unlimited access to our consultant to track your progress and hold you accountable to reaching your best outcome.

5. Future plan

With an outcome achieved, we will work with you to develop a plan about what’s next for you.

You will also be invited and encouraged to join and engage with our Evolve community for ongoing learning, support, friendship, and community.

“I have so much thanks to the Resolve team for their outstanding support and expertise. They went above and beyond to help me reach a timely and positive solution and were prepared for the many directions my matter took. Their service went beyond legal support as they provided compassion, understanding and also helped me to organise my finances and assets ahead of my settlement, by connecting me with their network partners. In what was already a difficult time in my life, Resolve put my family and I at ease, and made us feel comfortable and confident in settling my matter. Thank you!”

The benefits

Let us help

  • Set goals and pathways to achieving these
  • Connect to a network of professionals right for you
  • Access wellbeing related information and tips
  • Track your progress and assess needs as they evolve
  • Consider and prepare for the future

Every one needs something different.

Some of the things that our clients have found useful so far are:

  • Considering budgeting, cash flow management and your future financial goals
  • Plan for how you might manage cash flow and invest
  • Work on ways to reduce conflict by creating awareness of your personal values and recognise when they are being challenged
  • Learn ways to deal with and reduce stress and worry
  • Learn how to best consider options and make decisions
  • Learn about and consider retraining or career progression and what that means for you
  • Help you develop your divorce script, so you know what to say when asked without fear of judgement
  • Make you accountable to your health and wellbeing

Lets get started!

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