If there’s one thing we’ve learnt as family lawyers it’s this – every separation is different.  This applies not only to the end result, but the journey that you take in order to achieve the end result.  Of course it is expected that the primary focus for separating couples will be the outcome – How much time will I spend with my kids?  Will I be able to keep the house?  How much money will I end up with when this is finally over?  While this is of central importance, so is the process by which you achieve your resolution.

At Resole Divorce Lawyers we advocate for out of court solutions.  In particular, collaborative law, which is designed to help parties reach a fast, amicable settlement wherever possible.  Through this process we are committed to not exacerbating the conflict between you and your former spouse.  This co-operative approach to family law involves identifying interests and issues, developing options, considering alternatives, and making decisions about future actions and outcomes in order to resolve the dispute without recourse to litigation.

While we specialise in collaborative law, here at Resolve Divorce Lawyers we are also experts in a complete range of process options including mediation, negotiation and going to court.

Regardless of your legal issue, we’ll listen to better understand your dispute, budget, timeframe and what’s important to you.  We’ll then discuss your option and together we’ll find the pathway that best suits you.

Through mediation, the cooperative decision making process in which qualified and impartial mediators help couples resolve their differences, we assist parties reach agreement on all matters.  Mediation can be a very speedy and cost effective method of reaching a settlement in both property and children’s matters.  In our experience, most matters that are properly prepared and proceed to mediation settle without the needs for clients to attend at court.

Negotiation is a conventional start to resolving most family law disagreements.  We encourage you to consider using solicitor based negotiation at the early stages of your legal process.  Negotiation allows each party to exchange information and proposals on a voluntary basis in an attempt to find a resolution that is acceptable for both parties.

While we strongly promote out of court resolution processes, our firm is readily equipped with experienced litigators who will support you in the unlikely event that your matter proceeds to court.  Our solicitors are well versed in court process and procedure and in the event that your dispute requires resolution through judicial intervention, we are able to proficiently assist.  Our point of difference however, is that we maintain a resolution focused approach in all that we do.  Our solicitors understand the detrimental impact of litigation on your asset pool and/or your children and approach court with the view that what can be settled amicable, will be.

Whatever your family law dispute, we will find a solution that fits via a pathway that achieves your desired goals and outcomes.

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