Resolve Divorce’s Founder Rose Cocchiaro explains here, how the ‘the fire in her belly’ that motivated her to be a disrupter to the legal industry, supported her to create Rise with Resolve, to support all other ‘non conformists’ in their own space.

“…10 yrs ago-life looked different for me.

I was employed solicitor working in a corporate environment doing work I loved but the system of family law advice was broken and I was contributing to the tragedy of the lives of the people I was meant to be helping.

You see, I was young, I was ambitious & I thought the only way to the top was to do what had always been done to learn from the older guys and be like them. Except I wasn’t and I knew I couldn’t be. I had a fire in my belly to try to change what I saw to be broken in my own small way.

I knew that I was being disruptive, it was non conformist, it was different, looking back on it now, it was brave.

Now as a successful business owner and recently named Australia’s Best Boutique law firm of 2023 at the national law awards. I can see that the culture and the team I have built around me came from my passion for my cause, the vision I have built and from the lived experience of the influence we, as a team are having on families in our community. It came from Innovation. It came from determination. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t nurtured the relationships of those around me. These relationships became my tribe of supporters – my people.

By starting Rise with Resolve, my team and I at Resolve, hope to create an opportunity where people can be inspired and have a community of supporters behind them to help you all rise to the top of wherever you are going.

I hope this community supports others to find their people.

I know that in business, partnerships are everything and collaboration is powerful...”

See some images from our sold out September 2023 Rise with Resolve networking evening below.