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Children's Care Arrangements

For children, divorce can be life changing and if not handled maturely by their parents, can have long lasting and damaging effects.

By choosing the right process and communicating respectfully with one another whilst keeping the children’s best interests in the forefront of your mind, you can minimise the impact that divorce has on your children.

Our lawyers are specialists in children’s needs and work together with other health professionals to guide and advise you about your children’s rights and your responsibilities so as to ensure that the decisions you make about the care arrangements of your children are what are best for them and you.

The Resolve Divorce Process will help to make sure that your children can emerge from the divorce feeling supported and loved in two separate households with the stability of a family still very much intact.

If however, the Resolve Divorce process is not for you, we can certainly advise you about your legal responsibilities and the rights of your children under the Family Law Act and represent you in Court or other processes to make sure you get an outcome that is in the best interests of your children and is right for you.

Child Support

Working out how much money your children need to be supported in two households instead of one is always a tricky thing.

The Resolve Divorce process gives both of you an opportunity to critically analyse and reach agreement on how to share the costs of your children, depending on their particular needs, including private school fees, health insurance, food, clothing and extracurricular activities, just to name a few. This leaves the Child support agency out and puts you in control.

Additionally, we can assist you through the process of dealing with the Child Support Agency and advise you through the objections process or assist you to apply to the Court for a departure from the assessment based on special circumstances.


How to divide the property you have together is never an easy task. A lot depends on what you have each contributed to the relationship and what your current circumstances are now and what your particular circumstances are likely to be in the future.

The Resolve Divorce process makes sure your legal rights are protected whilst focusing on reaching a settlement that is beneficial to both of you based on what you each express to be your interests, needs and concerns.

That way, the outcomes are controlled by you which means they are likely to last longer; that has to be better than one that a Court imposes on you, doesn’t it?

Naturally, for those matters that won’t resolve sensibly or when negotiations go sour, we will appropriately advise you about your rights to a property settlement under the Family Law Act and initiate or defend proceedings for you in Court as necessary.

Spousal Maintenance

There is a legal obligation to ensure you are each financially supported through the divorce process and sometimes beyond, if one of you is unable to support themselves adequately and the other has the reasonable ability to assist.

The Resolve Divorce Process brings these issues to light and focus is given to ensuring immediate financial needs are met whilst the overall division of property is being addressed. Ongoing support is also canvassed during our discussions, ensuring your legal rights are protected throughout.

Our legal advisors can aptly advise and help guide you together, about your legal rights and entitlements and ensure that agreements are reached about support that work for you and your family’s needs.

If agreement can’t be reached between you, then our lawyers can talk you through the relevant court processes and advise you on the relevant law to help you achieve your maintenance objectives.


We work together with you and your spouse to reach the best outcome.

Did you know?

High levels of conflict and ill feeling between parents following separation has been found to have a negative impact on children’s adjustment following their parents’ separation…more info

Our lawyers are Collaborative lawyers and are specially trained to reduce conflict.

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