Sarah Williams

Associate Solicitor

Calm, poised and confident, Sarah’s passion for impacting the community to support families going through separation, with a particular focus on the best interests of the children, is a perfect complement to our multitalented team at Resolve.

Previously at the Crown Solicitor’s Office, where she has gained experience across a wide range of areas (including prosecutions, administrative law, and public law), Sarah has specialised in child protection work since 2020.

These skills are interchangeable with the practice of family law which means, Sarah is specialised in supporting the needs of families and children. This makes her a valuable team member to support, guide and advise clients to achieve child focused outcomes for them and their families.

Sarah knows how to handle sensitive and emotive needs of families whilst still navigating the complications of the law to achieve their objectives. Years of experience in courtrooms means she appreciates the benefits of a resolution focused approach. Sarah is driven to work collaboratively, empathetically and creatively to help clients achieve their goals.

If you want to trust someone to handle the sensitive needs of your children and family, then look no further than Sarah.

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