Tracy Frankenfeld

Office Manager

Think organisation, think structure and think planning and you will find Tracy.

Joining Resolve as our Office Manager in 2021, we are continually impressed by how well she knows how to run a family law firm, having had extensive legal administration experience for over 13 years.

She is warm, empathetic and bright in nature and with a Diploma of Accounting and a brain for technology, she is the Resolve Wizz Woman.

More than that, she truly represents our brand because she believes in what we believe in- and knows that for our office to run successfully, our clients have to be happy. So, she makes it her mantra to ensure we all stay focused on keeping and maintaining happy clients.

She knows how to support each member of the Resolve family and identify the important role they place in the success of the client experience. Knowing how to work with team members, clients, referrers, and contractors alike, she makes sure we reach our overarching purpose at Resolve; which is to improve the way families experience Divorce.

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