• We prefer the vibrant chaos of collaboration and open sharing to silos and corner offices.
  • Irresponsible legal practice that fuels conflict and creates generational trauma, has no place here.
  • You won’t hear, “We’ve always done it this way”. We are rewriting the song.​
  • Staying still is not what we do here. We’re dedicated to innovation, improvements and changing the game.
  • Leaving our clients worse off is not an option, we are dedicated to enrich and empower them for their future.
  • We recognise the challenges of our work and believe in supporting each other through them. Optimum mental health is paramount, and we’re committed to fostering a supportive environment where no one faces these challenges alone.
  • We embrace empathy in every client relationship.
    We advocate for human dignity in every case.
  • Creating a safe and accepting environment for our clients is non-negotiable. Judgement does not belong here.
  • Our aim is to transform our clients lives, not just transact for them, we help them achieve their life’s goals – not just their legal outcome.
  • Hugs, not handshakes – our relationships with our clients are built on authentic care.
  • Connectedness is key; we work, grow, and celebrate together as a team.
  • We lead with strength and compassion, guiding our clients through their toughest times.
  • Our focus is unwavering: achieving the best outcomes for our clients. Whatever it takes.
  • We believe in straight talk, demystifying the complexities of the law for our clients. No room for ego here; just clear communication and genuine support.
  • We’re the architects of a new era in legal practice, where social impact drives our decisions alongside professional excellence.
  • Our culture isn’t just a perk – it’s our compass, guiding us towards success and purpose.
  • Witnessing the positive impact on individuals, families, and future generations fuels our passion.
  • We embrace modernity, staying ahead of the curve in all aspects of our practice.​
  • Every success story speaks of our impact. We’re not just keeping up with the times; we’re setting the pace.
  • People aren’t just cogs in a machine; they’re the driving force behind our success, and we invest in their growth and happiness with zeal.​
    More than just a healthy pay check, at Resolve you’ll find tangible purpose and a supportive team.
  • The Resolve Manifesto

Why Resolve?

These are the values we live by.

Be Awesome
Be Passionate
Be Authentic
Go Further
Play as a Team

Resolve Divorce began with the goal to reimagine family law.

Through innovation and putting people first we transform relationship challenges into opportunities for growth and rejuvenation. Its beyond mere legalities, it’s about championing emotional wellbeing and resilience for families across generations.

Do you want in?

At Resolve you will make a real impact, becoming part of a movement to change the narrative around divorce and in doing so, create positive social change.

You’ll be challenged with complex work in a high-quality family law setting. You’ll learn from Accredited Specialists in family law who are focused on and motivated by your success.

And you will do all of this as part of a young and fun team who value team culture and value you!

It’s The Resolve Way.


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