How we prepare you to achieve your best outcome in divorce- Goal Setting!

How we prepare you to achieve your best outcome in divorce- Goal Setting!

The importance of goal setting.

 “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

Tony Robbins

Goal setting is a powerful process which can help activate new behaviors and motivate you to turn your future vision into a reality.  Goals, big or small, can help you to stay motivated, and give you focus and purpose.

At Resolve, we work with you to identify your goals early in the process as part of the getting prepared stage.That way, we can understand what is important to you, what you hope to achieve and what you want your future to look like. 

By identifying goals early, we can tailor a process to you and ensure that you are focused on the “bigger picture” rather than short term events or processes that are not important to your long term goals. 

For example, by identifying one of your goals as wanting to maintain a good relationship with your spouse, we can tailor a respectful, sensible process to you with the assistance of our resolve network partners to ensure that this goal is adhered to. Or, if one of your goals is to keep your children in private schools but you are worried about how you can afford it, we will ensure that any deal you reach incorporates a child support agreement to give you that certainty.

It’s simple! Once you have identified your goals, then it is our job to help you achieve them. In that way, we can help you achieve YOUR best outcome!

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At each step of the process, we remind our clients of the goals they identified in the first stages of the process to ensure we are staying true to our promise to help separated people achieve better divorce outcomes that align with their long-term goals.  Although it might be difficult to picture your life after separation, setting goals early on in your family law matter can be the difference between achieving an outcome that might only address some of your immediate concerns and a durable outcome that focuses on your future.  

Vanessa Camerlengo, Solicitor, Resolve Divorce.

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