Thinking it’s time to split?

Deciding to separate from your partner is difficult for most people. Often you find yourself in situations where you have given it everything, even tried counselling, but things still aren’t quite right. Yet, you are not sure if you should stick by your partner or start fresh.

Here are some signs to look out for that can help you decide whether moving on is the best thing to do or not.

Start by asking yourself the following questions and truthfully answering them:

  1. Are you getting what you want/need from the relationship?
  2. Are you finding communication with your partner to be difficult?
  3. Do you no longer look forward to spending time alone with your partner?
  4. Do you criticise and micro-manage each other?
  5. Do you compare your partner to others?
  6. Are you trying to change each other?
  7. Do you laugh anymore?
  8. Do you no longer feel good about yourself?

If these questions are making you uneasy, it might be time to think about which direction you want your relationship to take.

Think clearly. Make sure you are not making this decision at a time when you are emotionally upset.

Think through the reasons you want to end your relationship clearly, to help you see the overall picture and make a decision you know you have thought about and feel comfortable with.

If you’re thinking about leaving your relationship but aren’t sure of where to go from here, talking to someone and empowering yourself with knowledge helps.

Soak up whatever information you can find and talk to the right people about the things that are most important to you.

Often, talking to marriage counsellors and relationship specialists is a good way to help make the decision.  Also, learning about your legal entitlements if a split were to occur can be empowering and make the decision less frightening.

There is a lot of help around you and remember that everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilled life, including you!


This article was written by Alysia Panagakos, a law graduate with Resolve Divorce Lawyers.

Resolve Divorce lawyers has access to a number of different relationship specialists and counsellors to help you with your decision making process. Our lawyers can also give you advice on what the process of separation might be like for you and how to go about it, if you want to.

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