As lawyers, we are often at the butt of many jokes, being quoted as the professional that no one wants to pay. Let’s face it, you pay the doctor’s gap without a thought because she gave you a prescription that made you feel better and you pay your accountant because he saved you money.  

You are paying your lawyer to assess risk and give you options for how to get through life’s problems. The solution is never a quick one and the bills keep coming each month. 

The question to ask yourself though is, what else do you get?

  1. What is the value you are receiving?
  2. Are you being supported in a way that you are getting your needs met?
  3. Is your lawyer focused on achieving an outcome for you that you care about, or just what the law says?

Most of our clients don’t care what we charge because they value us for what we do for them, how we guide them and support them. 

We know we are showing them value because of the way we support them to achieve durable outcomes. Less than 25% of our cases end up in court compared with the more traditional approaches, which not only means they settle quicker and more cost effectively, but they stay settled, because our clients are more in control of the outcome.  

Importantly though, its about the support we give them that enables them to look back on their experience and be proud of how they’ve transitioned out of their marriage… and who they are on the other side.   

We know that the service we provide our clients is different to many within the industry – something we are very proud of.  But we encourage other lawyers to be more accountable to this too.

At Resolve, we show value in so many ways. Here are some more reasons why you won’t care about rates when you become a client:  

  1. Two lawyers for the price of one: One way we continue to support our clients at the highest level and can attend to their needs faster is by having two solicitors across their matter.  This is different from most other law firms who will charge the client for both solicitors in the room, every time. That’s why the hourly rate is less important, because what we offer is a discount on our fees every time.  
  1. Highest level of expertise: We have the highest number of Accredited Specialists in Family Law and Masters degree graduates out of the entire state.  We are continually investing in our team, to support them to be at the top of their game, experts in their field, so that they can partner with our clients and work to achieve their best outcome.  
  1. We are conflict and resolution experts: Every member of our legal team is collaboratively trained and have studied throughout Australia and internationally. 
  1. We are Certified Divorce coaches: Our team understands that going through a separation is about so much more than just the law, which is why we invest in them being the best negotiators and to have emotional support skills.  

Our commitment to providing expert service is genuine, and it sets us apart from other family lawyers.  

So next time you receive your account from your lawyer, ask yourself those questions above and see whether their service offering to you represents unique value to you.